Canada Division

2022 Finalists

All candidates are listed in alphabetical order

Young Artist Group G

Eric Yuxuan Hai

Olivia Yezi Wang


Young Artist Group F

Anthony Li

Travis Genpeng Li

Lainey Liang

Adela Meng

Marshall Yu

Qi Zhang


Young Artist Group E

Cynthia Liu

Yiran Ma

Abigail Sun


Young Artist Group D

Nina Chen

Laraine Huang

Vikki Huang

Xiaoyu Huang

Clyde Li

Kaiyang Wang

Elena Zhang

Yihao Zhang

Victoria Zhao


Young Artist Group C

Jeffrey Yujian Luo

Maxwell Qin


Young Artist Group B

Wesley Deng

Adam Giorgis

Yixuan Ou


Young Artist Group A

Alexandra Mitnik


Professional Artist Group D

Chelsea Gu

Cynthia Lian

Professional Artist Group C

Lukas Kan

Jessica Jung

Owen Yisu Wang

Professional Artist Group A

Vicky Li

Naomi Wong

Chamber Piano Duo Group A

Angela and Hannah Wang

Amice and Maryanne Xu


Preliminary Round: April , 2023

Application Fee: 38 CAD

Application and Video upload deadline:  April 15th, 2023

Repertoire: Please check out the general information page. 

    • Candidates who qualify for the IPPA Outstanding Pianist Showcase can proceed directly to the semifinal round
    • Candidates who made to the 2022 final round are qualified to proceed directly to the semifinal round
    • Every participant in preliminary round will receive digital certificate and comments from the judge. 

Semifinal Round

In Person: 
Toronto: May 6th, 2023
351 Ferrier St #1, Markham, ON L3R 5Z2, Canada
Edmonton: TBA 



Online (monitored live performance, no pre-recording accepted)

Final Round:July 30th -31st   , 2023 (In-person)
Address: Via S Stefano, 1, 62019 Recanati MC, Italy

Online Finalists: June 20th to 30th, 2023
For finalists who participate virtually, the IPPA Conero team will schedule a performance time with them. Available times will fall between June 20th to 30th. No pre-recording allowed, it will be a live performance. 

Application fee: 150 USD for Young Artist Category/ 180 USD for Professional Artist Category and Chamber Music Category Hosted by: International Piano Professionals Association(US)

Supported by:   IPPA Canada Division
Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto
Tom Lee Music
Illumine Star Academy
Doctor Music Academy
Ordersunshine Music & Art Studio