Other Division

2022 Finalist

Freya Venezia Bong

Leong Chi Hang Jaxton

Avdyugin Ruslan

Maae Khunawanichkun

Olivia Lin

Pornrawin Brohmsarn

Avdyugina Eva

George Lin

Tzu-Chieh Huang

Ni Wayan Ana Maria Laetitia Renata



Papitcha Vejmongkolkorn(Group D:9-11)

Oleksandr Fediurko(Group C: 12-14)

Avishai Justin Yuvaraj(Group C: 12-14)

Pinn Mahasaranond (Group B: 15-17) 

Hyewon Han (Group B: 15-17)

Roman Fediurko (Group B: 15-17)

Kristian Cvetkovic (Group A: 18-32)

Mariia Iudenko (Group A: 18-32)

Anfisa Bobylova (Group A: 18-32)

Radymyr Tsiko (Group A: 18-32) 




If you are a resident of China, United States, Canada, Australia, or South America, you are required to participate in that division. Otherwise, you will be a participant under the Other division.

Announcement: Semifinal Round applications now open!

Preliminary Round: May 20th, 2022

Application Fee:30 USD 
Video upload deadline:  May 20th, 2022

Semifinal Round: June 10th  – June 20th,2022
Application Deadline: May 31st 

  • Online (monitored live performance, no pre-recording accepted)
    The dates for virtual live performance will be June 10th – June 20th. We will contact you after the application deadline for specific day. 
  • If you are willing to travel to the listed location, you are welcome to join the in-person competition as well. However, please be aware that the dates are different, mostly are earlier. Please let us know ASAP if you want to join in any in-person venue.
    • Argentina: Buenos Aires
    • Australia: Melbourne
    • Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton
    • China: Tianjin, Zhuhai
    • Paraguay: Asuncion
    • United States: Kansas City, Los Angeles

Application fee: $100 for Young Artist Category/ $120 for Professionals, Chamber and Teacher’s group

Final Round July 30th -July 31st , 2022

Application fee: $150 for Young Artist Category/ $180 for Professionals, Chamber and Teacher’s group

Location: Recanati, Italy. (For finalists who can’t travel to Italy, competing online will also be a possibility.)