South America Division

2022 Finalist

Genesis Victoria Irala Pizurno

Juan Pablo Carrillo Fretes

Joanna Yong-An Chen

Raffaella Fornera Boggino

Valentina Navarro

Lucía Fiorella Baranda Rivarola

Coral Laguado

Hanrui Zhang 

Emilia Sanchez-Decotto

 Jose Miguel Gomez Centeno

Gabriela Mongelós (Group B:15-17)

María Paz Molinas Gómez(Group A: 18-32)

Milagros Boso Galli (Group A: 18-32)


Preliminary Round: April 30th, 2022

Application Fee:Argentina:  3.180 pesos argentinos
                                Paraguay:  210.000 guaraníes

Application and Video upload deadline:  April 30th, 2022

Semifinal Round: June, 2022


Application fee: Argentina: 6.355 pesos argentinos 
                             Paraguay: 490.000 guaraníes

Location and dates: 
Paraguay: June 11th, 2022 2-6pm (Eastern Time) Location: Tte. Cnel. Eugenio Ayala Velázquez 376, Asunción 1584, Paraguay

Argentina: June 25th, 2022 1-4pm (Eastern time) Location: Dr. José Modesto Giuffra 371, C1064 CABA, Argentina

Online (monitored live performance, no pre-recording accepted)

Final Round: July 30th-July 31st , 2022

Application fee: 150 USD for Young Artist Category/ 180 USD for Professionals, Chamber and Teacher’s group

Location: Recanati, Italy.  (Virtual performance is available)

Hosted by: International Piano Professionals Association

Supported by:   IPPA South America Division