Dr. Emma Rui-Xuan Shi(Canada)

Artist director,Doctor Music Academy;
Music Minister of Cloverdale United Church;
RCM examiner and senior certified teacher

Dr. Emma Rui-Xuan Shi is a unique and dynamic performer. She appears in concert within North America, Australia, and Asia. During her more than thirty-years’ piano career, she has gained lots of awards, including winner of Classical and Romantic composers, and best concert prize in 2011 Canadian Kiwanis Competition, winner of 2010 Globe Chinese Musician Competition, etc. Dr. Shi’s dissertation was titled Most Valuable Thesis at the University of British Columbia in 2016. As a music educator, her students won numerous awards in local and international competitions. All students have received first honour and first honour with distinction in RCM exams in the past ten years. Currently, Emma is the artist director of Doctor Music Academy, music director of Cloverdale United Church, and RCM examiner and senior certified teacher.